LinkedIn Success Tips

Avoid Fake Personalization...

Most executives reject LinkedIn  connection requests with fake personalization that could apply to anyone. For example we have common connections or I found your profile to be interesting.  

Remember, the First Rule of Selling also Applies to LinkedIn...

Sell from the other person’s perspective. Most people are not like you. They don’t have the same emotional makeup as you have, and they certainly don’t have the same needs. Therefore, you must write LinkedIn messages from the other person’s emotional perspective.


JOYai can classify people on LinkedIn by their personality and job responsibilities and then customize messages to each person. Using JOYai will double your connection rate as well as the number of appointments you generate from LinkedIn.

Research First ...

If you have a premium LinkedIn account, the number of LinkedIn connection requests you can send each day is limited to 95. Each connection request is a limited resource. Like an unrented hotel room, once the day is gone, the resource cannot be recovered. Therefore, you need 95 fresh people to send connection requests to each day and they should be people with a high propensity to be on the buying committee for your solution.


The only way to ensure you are targeting people with the highest potential value is by hand researching each lead. Last year, we did a study for a Fortune 50 company in the technology sector. They purchased a list of 60,000 prospect names from the biggest name in list providers. Then their data scientists narrowed the list down to 40,000 people before giving the list to our research team.


When our research team looked at each person’s LinkedIn profile, we eliminated 18,000 prospects as not being a fit. My favorite example was a company that used fancy technology sounding words in their description but was actually a few guys in the dog crap pick up business. Not exactly a fit for a company that sells large computer systems.


On average, it costs about $1.25 to have a qualified researcher fully vet a prospect. Compare this cost to the time and money you spend chasing a prospect on a prospect list. Now think of the opportunity cost of putting time into a prospect with no potential when you could have invested that time in a prospect with potential.

Don't Use Bots...

Using automation to write messages or personalize messages to each potential prospect is a smart and acceptable activity. It is the same as using Word or a spell checker to help you write.


On the other hand, using a Bot to take over your LinkedIn account and automatically send those messages is a different story. Using bots for this purpose could eventually get you barred from sending additional LinkedIn requests, or worse.


When people get in trouble with LinkedIn, they often turn to their bot provider for recourse, only to find that the bot maker is in a country where the maker can’t be touched by lawsuits. In fact, one of the biggest LinkedIn hacker bots, is now located in Russia.


There are companies in the United States who do LinkedIn automation for you. Some are legit, but many use the Russian LinkedIn hacker bots. So  before using a third-party service, be sure they sign an agreement that they will not expose your account to a bot.


To get additional tips, including how to link your Go-To-Market strategy and unique value propositions to your LinkedIn strategy, use the following link to set up a time for us to talk.

Final Tip: Integrate Your LinkedIn Strategy with Your Selling Methodology...

To achieve a consistent customer experience, your LinkedIn message strategy should flow out of your sales methodology. Companies from start-ups to Fortune 50 use the JOYai sales methodology consulting team to assist with the identification and implementation of the ideal selling methodology for their company.

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