A Lead List Is Only As Valuable As The Sales It Generates!

JOYai Delivers Leads That Buy

Message Writing Tool for LinkedIn, Email and Calling

The JOYai Solution

JOYai Will Double Your Lead List ROI


JoyAI is revolutionizing the lead list paradigm. We do the upfront work that ensures you get only the most viable leads. By combining artificial intelligence with an irreplaceable human touch, we mine prospects and weed out the fake leads, leaving you with a robust set of data that delivers.


But before we do anything, we sit down with you to discover exactly what you’re looking for in an ideal prospect. With your critical input, we then build a profile of target companies, as well as a personality profile of the most suitable contact within each company—one who is most likely to be proactive in getting the company buy-in you need. An internal advocate, not an adversary.  


And we don’t stop there. We help you get started in your initial communication with your advocate by building an effective LinkedIn connection message, as well as direct message strategy that is personalized for maximum impact. And because we know reaching out to a prospect is just the first step, we also offer a comprehensive communications platform that presents a more streamlined approach to email, cold calls, voicemail, and follow-up messages.


Our Guarantee

Choose JOYai and we guarantee we will double your lead list ROI or your money back. To find out more click the button below to schedule a demo and get get your first set of ideal internal advocate leads for free. 

What Do IBM, Amgen, Best Buy, JD Power and Countless Successful Startups Have in Common?


They used our carefully cultivated list of experienced consultants to develop an effective go to market strategy or sales playbook. Strategies and playbooks that incorporate Leads that Convert provided by JOYai. 

If your company has been struggling to reach growth goals or you are facing increased competition, we can help.

Traditional methods for developing go-to-market strategies and sales playbooks are no longer sufficient. The realities of today's market requires companies to incorporate the latest research on influence, how companies buy, and decision coaching to their strategies.

Now, for a limited time, we are offering a free consulting call with one of our senior consultants to discuss new factors that every go-to-market strategy must include. We will also share best practices for converting up-to-date strategies into effective messages.


Finally, we will share safe, proven ways to automate LinkedIn communications and integrate them into an effective marketing and sales process.

So the first step to seeing how we can help your business grow is to Book a Strategy call.

How Well Does JOYai Work?

Case Study Presented at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Leadership Conference

The JOYai Team

Bruce Lewolt

Co-Founder and Sales Expert

20-years of experience developing award-winning selling strategies and training. Developed the platform and Certification program for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Kirk Lockhart

Co-Founder and Strategist

Fortune 100 senior strategy and IT roles with successful start-up track record.

Rob Potschka


Large scale development design and coding of systems for mission-critical applications.

Clint Irvin, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Ohio University, PhD, Social Experimental Psychology


Ohio University, MS, Social Experimental Psychology


Graduate Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Anthony Polizzi, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Tulane University, PhD, Mathematics

University of Michigan, M.S.E. Electrical


Engineering Postdoctoral


Louisiana State University, Postdoctoral Researcher, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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