Early and Late Majority Prospects

JOYai finds the prospects that have the Early and Late Majority personality type that are critical to build market share for leading, mature products.


Prospects with the Early/Late Majority personality type are your ideal prospect.  These prospects value product sophistication from a known provider with a good reputation.  You can message prospects that are Innovators and Early Adopters but they prefer more "bleeding edge" products from early stage companies.  Other prospects will prefer to buy only from Fortune 50 providers. 

JOY designs the optimal blogs, emails, cold call scripts, and presentation decks for each of these prospects. 


Existing Product in a Leading Company Case Study


Hosted in the cloud, ConnectAndSell enables salespeople to have more conversations with their intended targets than serial dialing, either manual or technology-enabled. The reality of serial dialing is that the average person can’t make more than 75-100 outbound dials a day to their intended targets, which may result in 6-8 conversations with decision makers. ConnectAndSell can make that same number of dials in less than an hour. The result? Every 2-5 minutes ConnectAndSell allows you to speak with one of your intended targets: Conversations On Demand.

In 2014, ConnectAndSell was voted as the Top Solution Provider by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, and also was awarded Top 40 Marketing Tools of 2014, and in 2015, was voted as a Top 100 Always On OnCloud Top 100 Private Companies, and was named the 2015 Silver Stevie Award winner for Sales and Customer Service.



JOYai for Selling Existing Products in a Leading Provider

Every month, each of your salespeople get:

    • 100-300 JOYai identified Early/Late Majority prospects to contact (market dependent)
    • 10-15 sales deck presentations specifically designed for each prospect
  • JOY also designs:
    • 5 Cold Call scripts specifically designed to get meetings with your target prospects
    • 5 versions of emails designed for optimal click-through with your target prospects