Innovators and Early Adopters Prospects


JOYai finds the prospects that have the Innovator and Early Adopter personality types that are critical for a Startup and Early Stage company. 

Prospects with the Innovator/Early Adopter personality type are your ideal prospect.  These prospects can "visualize" how they will use your product and prefer the new and innovative.  You can message other prospects but they won't be ready to buy your new product soon.   

JOY designs the optimal blogs, emails, cold call scripts, and presentation decks for each of these prospects. 


Startup Company Case Study


StorONE is the most innovative next generation storage company, using sophisticated software architecture to revinvent flexible, economical storage.   

StorONE's founders are pioneers in the technology revolution. Gal Naor, CEO, was the first to deliver real-time storage compression technology with no performance penalty with StorWIZE (acquired by IBM in 2010 and now IBM’s key embedded storage technology). Raz Gordon, CTO, is the inventor of the Ethernet switching algorithms of Galileo Technology (acquired 2001 by Marvell for $2.7B) that enabled the creation of the world’s first single-chip Ethernet switch by dramatically reducing hardware complexity and pushing performance to its theoretical maximum.  


JOYai for Startup and Early Stage Companies

  • Every month, each of your salespeople get:
    • 100-300 JOYai identified Innovator and Early Adopter prospects to contact (market dependent)
    • 10-15 sales deck presentations specifically designed for each prospect
  • JOY also designs:
    • 5 Cold Call scripts specifically designed to get meetings with your target prospects
    • 5 versions of emails designed for optimal click-through with your target prospects