Start Selling With JOYai Perfect Prospects Tomorrow

JOYai finds the ideal prospect for your products by knowing their personality and why they buy

Finally, artificial intelligence and deep learning combine to find your ideal prospect in your ideal company.   No more buying  bad leads that your competitors also use every day.  You can't make it up on volume.

JOYai gives you the perfect-fit prospect in the right company for your products.  In fact, JOY will find 3-4 prospects in your ideal company.  And you'll know how to sell to each prospect based on their unique personality traits, including;

  • Risk-aversion | Innovation  |  Achievement  |  Social/team focus

  • Position on the Production Adoption Curve - Early Adopter to Laggard

  • Preferred method and cadence for receiving your messages

You can develop LinkedIn, email and cold call campaigns customized for each prospect.  Or, JOYai experts can help you craft personality perfect messages to get you started. 

Complete as much of the form as you can and then expect to hear back from a JOYai expert to refine your ideal prospect list.  We'll explain it all to you in plain English so that you know exactly what to expect.  

Sales Engagement Platform

JOY is the next generation of sales engagement platforms. The JOY platform uses advanced ai to determine a prospect’s buying motivation and combines this with ai-optimized selling strategies to build a unique selling plan and a set of prospecting emails and cold call scripts for each prospect. 

True AI

Unlike standard rules-based Sales Engagement Platforms that “bolted on” ai, and perform predictive analysis by statistical probability, JOY is true ai trained to sell to each prospect.  And since JOY was designed from the ground up without the burden of legacy sales enablement architecture, the sales rep is guided to prospect and sell to each prospect in the most effective way. 

The Organized Salesperson

Every day JOY reviews and prioritizes everything a salesperson needs to do and groups tasks by type. JOY can be used on a computer, tablet or Mobile Phone.