JOYai profiles each target company to build an account marketing strategy, profiles the likely members of the buying committee to determine individual motivations and produces personalized messages that generate 3X more appointments.

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Why JOYai

In a cluttered marketplace full of mediocre content, it’s absolutely critical to have effective LinkedIn messages, emails and even cold call scripts that are personalized and exceptionally well-written.

Personalization isn’t just about knowing someone’s name, and a couple of useless facts about them. True personalization relies on accurately determining both the job-related motivations and the personality-related motivations of each person.

It’s all about entering the conversation that every prospect is having in their own mind about the specific problems and opportunities that your solution can impact. JOYai empowers your sales team to easily achieve this level of personalization with every prospect.

Since we started using JOYai the appointments we generate from LinkedIn and Email have more than tripled and our reps are more comfortable with what to say and how to say it.

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JOYai dramatically increased our Lead to appointment conversion rates while lowering our opt out rates to almost zero.

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Are You Targeting All 9 Different Types of Buyer Committee Members with a Different, Unique and Personalized Message?

Our research over the past 20 years has revealed that members of a buying committee are made up of at least three different buyer perspectives. These include the “User” buyer, “Impact” buyer and “Approval” buyer. What’s more, people have different personality types that tend to make that person a natural internal advocate, a natural blocker or a natural neutral.

Do the math, and that’s 9 UNIQUE BUYER TYPES - each responding best to a different sales message.

Can you see now why generic messages fall flat? Can you see why sales organizations that merely blast out the same message to everyone are suffering from dismal conversion rates? If you’re ready to see for yourself the power of targeting ALL 9 buyer types …

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Here's a high-level look at how JOYai works:

FIRST, JOYai Learns How to Accurately Predict if an individual in a Company is a Natural Internal Advocate, Blocker or Neutral

JOYai analyzes the buying committee members from your list of current won, stalled and lost deals. Using AI and publicly available information on each buying committee member, JOY is able to determine the personality of the natural internal advocates, blockers and neutrals for your solution.

JOY uses the analysis to produce a complex matrix of the various types of content required to effectively reach, and influence, every potential member of a buying committee for every type of company you call on. The JOYai team of experienced sales strategists and professional writers uses this content matrix to gather the information required to understand and map your unique value propositions to each buyer type.

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SECOND, Our Writers Craft Hundreds of Perfectly Written and Highly Effective Messages

Writing messages that capture a prospects attention is extremely difficult. Add the need to persuade and get prospects to act, and you’ve entered the realm of the most difficult form of writing on the planet.

That’s why we only work with experienced, professional copywriters who write for a living, with a proven track record of writing sales copy that sells. Once these messages are programmed into JOY, the system is ready to start working for you.


THIRD, the Magic of JOYai Goes to Work; Helping Your Sales Team to Get Better Leads, Book More Appointments, and Close More Sales!

Each day, JOYai analyzes a set of prospect companies for you.

FIRST, JOY Produces An Organization Chart and Selling Strategy for All of Your Prospect Companies. It determines the likely members of the buying committee, profiles each member to determine which set of messages to send, and produces a to-do list for your salespeople to send out or for our virtual assistants to use to send out messages on your behalf.   These include LinkedIn messages, emails and eventually cold call scripts.

Then, JOY reviews and prioritizes everything a salesperson needs to do, groups the tasks by type, and pushes it all out to the salesperson. For each LinkedIn message, and email, JOY selects and customizes the ideal message.  These messages can be sent directly from JOYai or integrated with a sales enablement system that uses cadences or plays. For each cold call, JOY selects and customizes the ideal script.

So What Are You Waiting For? It’s Time to Take Action!

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The JOYai Team

Co-Founder and Sales Expert: Bruce Lewolt

20-years of experience developing award-winning selling strategies and training. Developed the platform and Certification program for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Co-Founder and Strategist: Kirk Lockhart

Fortune 100 senior strategy and IT roles with successful start-up track record.

CTO: Rob Potschka

Large scale development design and coding of systems for mission-critical applications.  

Scientific Advisory Board Member: Clint Irvin, PhD

Ohio University, PhD, Social Experimental Psychology

Ohio University, MS, Social Experimental Psychology

Graduate Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Scientific Advisory Board Member: Anthony Polizzi, PhD

Tulane University, PhD, Mathematics

University of Michigan, M.S.E. Electrical Engineering Postdoctoral

Louisiana State University, Postdoctoral Researcher, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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