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Buying and selling is emotional but it's also predictable with JOY

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 What Makes JOY Different?

Identifies the prospects most likely to buy your product.  Use your list or a JOY generated list


Knows what motivates these prospects to buy your product and how to communicate effectively
Delivers the right messages at the right time to each prospect, including emails, cold call scripts, and sales presentation decks
Learns from each customer interaction to continuously improve results

Who We Serve

JOY works with sales and marketing leaders at companies with the following characteristics:

Start-ups who need to quickly close sales to build momentum and recognition in new markets

Complex and high value sales transactions where a second chance won’t be available soon

Need to know existing customer’s motivation to repeat buy or select affinity products

Want to target likely members of a buying group and create strategy to sell

Recent Posts

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JOY Drives Better Customer Results

JOY Email Campaign Open Rate


JOY Email Campaign Click Thru Rate
More Sales Apointments
Appointment Success Rate

How It Works

JOY means that every sales interaction is optimized for each individual prospect with a repeatable and optimized selling process. Every sales rep is now your “best” rep.

Start Selling

JOY builds datasets of prospects who are key decision makers in companies that are the most likely to buy your products
JOY “learns” each prospect’s core buying motivation and their preferred communication style. Some prospects will be ideal for an early stage product, others will prefer the security of an established product. Each prospect is different.
JOY builds an optimal selling strategy for each individual prospect from initial contact through close
JOY builds the ideal email campaign, cold call scripts, and sales presentation deck for the individual
JOY analyzes every customer interaction and recommends improved actions

Don't Take Our Word For It

See what our customers and sales experts have to say about JOY

  • Chris Beall.jpg

    "One of the benefits of having over 5,000 one-on-one conversations with prospects every month is that we were able to refine a conversation process that produced the best possible results for a broad spectrum of prospects.  As good as this approach was, we still saw an immediate improvement when JOY took our approach and personalized it to the personality and motivations of each prospect. The first thing we noticed is that prospects were willing to have deeper conversations because they felt a deeper sense of rapport with our appointment setters. These deeper conversations resulted in more appointments and a deeper understanding of the prospects true needs that JOY uses to build a personal call plan for the sales representative."

    -Chris Beall, CEO ConnectAndSell


  • Bob White
    "Sales Acceleration increases speed at the cost of the personalization required to produce rapport and other ingredients of quality conversations.  As a result, even though the number of contacts are up, lead conversion and close rates are down."
    "JOY is a game changer because it delivers personalization and produces quality conversations at the speed of sales acceleration tools."

    -Bob Perkins, Founder of the American Association of Inside Sales Professional

Some of the Companies That Use JOY

  • ibmpos_blue.jpg
  • connectandsell.jpg
  • storone.jpeg
  • ScreenHunter 102.png
  • ScreenHunter 101.png

JOY's Coworkers

Bruce Lewolt

An award-winning designer of intelligent systems with deep expertise in the psychology of selling, Bruce has extensive experience in sales and senior sales management experience. He designed the online intelligent training system and was on the team that wrote the training for the Certified Inside Sales Professional certification. He holds two education technology patents.  

Kirk Lockhart

Kirk's expertise is Strategy, IT, and Business Development, ranging from technology startups to Fortune 100 Executive roles. His background includes Executive Strategy roles at Best Buy, Motorola and Pioneer Electronics. He’s also held Executive leadership roles in IT as the CIO of Egghead Software (and CEO of ELEKOM, a Hummer Winblad backed start-up).

JOY's Technical Team

JOY is the result of a team of very talented and dedicated AI programmers led by RP.  RP is on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence, nurturing JOY to expand her knowledge to assist customers.  He's led numerous, large-scale projects for Top 100 enterprises in Canada and the United States. 

Let JOY help you.  Take JOY's short Assessment and she'll show you how to be a better salesperson, leader and negotiator.

Start the Assessment



JOYai identifies your best prospects based on their individual temperment and their persona.

And to prove it, we'll give you 200 leads with the right persona and the right temperment. We'll also give you 200 leads with the right persona but not the right temperment.

We will also include ConnectAndSell to quickly reach out to all 400 leads.

Ask us how to get started today.