JOYai automates account planning and message writing so reps have more time for selling

JOYai Produces an Organization Chart and Selling Strategy for Every Account so Reps Are More Effective Sellers. 

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JOYai is the Only Application on the market that is capable of using Knowledge of a Person’s Personality, Industry and Job Responsibilities to Construct Personalized Content for Every Message and Personalized Selling Strategy Plans for Every Conversation.


Seven Personality Based Intrinsic Motivations


Current trends and concerns

Job Title

How your solution interacts with their job responcibilities


JOYai Uses Online Resources to Figure Out the Dominant Personality Factors for Each Person on the Organization Chart.

Your company and unique value propositions make some personality types natural advocates while others are likely to be blockers. For example, if your company is a start-up with innovative technology your natural advocates are people with the Engineer or Artist personality types while the risk averse Double Checker is likely to be a blocker.


Personality Profiling Has Been Effectively Used In Selling for Close To 100 Years

JOY Uses the Big 5 Plus 2 - The Most Scientifically Validated Personality Model


Personality Research JOY

JOY is backwards compatible. If your company uses a four personality types system like DISC, you can still use JOY!

How Does JOY Determine a Person's Personality?

JOY is an Artificial Intelligence system that uses Social Media and other online information to determine a prospect's personality and then selects the right LinkedIn messages, emails, prospecting script, and presentation strategy for each prospect. 
Here is the behavior JOY might suggest for Joe 
Your Behavior: Be cheerful, outgoing, casual, and enthusiastic.  Joe responds to “extreme” words like awesome, amazing, horrible, and tremendous.  
Initial Chit-Chat: Mention something personal you learned about Joe from his LinkedIn profile – especially if it is something you have in common. You can also ask Joe general experience questions like "How was your weekend?"

Joe’s Motivations: Joe is driven by the desire to communicate, so he relishes social activity. Joe is a late adopter who likes to do what other people in his position are doing - so avoid describing your solution as revolutionary or the latest innovation. Also, Joe will be concerned about how his team will feel about your solution, so make sure you ask about his coworkers. 

How Do You Know That JOY is Accurate

JOY's ai engines were trained over several years using a statistically significant number of  full Big 5 plus 2 personality assessments.  JOY's Scientific Advisory Board provides invaluable guidance for methodology and statistical validity.
- In 82% of the cases, JOY was able to find sufficient online information to accurately predict the person's dominant personality trait.
- In another 9 %, even though JOY could not determine the dominant trait,  JOY was able to determine if the person had a strong achievement drive or advocacy drive.
Here is an example of a Behavior profile produced by JOY for prospect Todd.
Your Behavior: Todd distrusts salespeople who are overly energetic or talkative. To build rapport with Todd, you must be composed, genuine and calm. 
Initial Chit-Chat: Never mention anything personal you learned about Todd from his LinkedIn profile. Todd will think this is creepy. Open with a question about Todd’s view on something that is innovative and new in Todd’s industry or company. This will put him in a positive frame of mind. Then quickly transition to the business purpose of the call.
Todd’s Motivations: Todd is the classic innovator who won’t want to be like everyone else, so don’t start by telling him that many other people in his position already use your solution. What Todd truly wants is a revolutionary, new solution that will dramatically increase the company's profitability or competitive advantage. 

Positive Engagement - The Universal Measurement of Cold Call Success

The most important metric in cold calling is not the outcome of the call. This is because the cold caller could have done an excellent job but the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t have any need for the solution.  Positive Engagement measures whether or not the person on the other end of the phone dropped their emotional shields and interacted in a way that indicated they were open to the value message.

Positive Engagement



Fortune 50 Company: Research Study on the Impact of JOY on Positive Engagement Scores

JOYai Positive Engagement Score


How JOY Increases Effective Selling Time and Decreases Prospect Destruction Rates

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Your Content Library

JOY selects the ideal set of messages from a content library that the JOYai Staff builds for your company and then personalizes the messages to each person.

Nurture Only
  • LinkedIn Connection Request
  • Set of valuable information messages sent using free LinkedIn messages. Works best with a LinkedIn Professional or Navigator account
  • Set of emails that contain valuable information

Nurture and Cold Call
  • LinkedIn Connection Request  
  • Set of valuable information messages to send using LinkedIn 
  • Set of valuable information emails
  • Personality Based Offer (PBO)
  • Conversation request LinkedIn messages that leverage the PBO
  • Outbound calling messages set (voice Mails, Cold Call Scripts, etc.) that leverage the PBO

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.
JOY more than doubled our cold call to appointment conversion rate and increased close rates. 

Tom Dekle

VP Digital Sales - IBM

"One of the benefits of having over 5,000 one-on-one conversations with prospects every month is that we were able to refine a conversation process that produced the best possible results for a broad spectrum of prospects.  As good as this approach was, we still saw an immediate improvement when JOY took our approach and personalized it to the personality and motivations of each prospect. The first thing we noticed is that prospects were willing to have deeper conversations because they felt a deeper sense of rapport with our appointment setters. These deeper conversations resulted in more appointments and a deeper understanding of the prospects true needs that JOY uses to build a personal call plan for the sales representative."


Chris Beall

CEO - ConnectAndSell
"Sales Acceleration increases speed at the cost of the personalization required to produce rapport and other ingredients of quality conversations.  As a result, even though the number of contacts are up, lead conversion and close rates are down."

Bob Perkins

Founder of the Association of Inside Sales Professionals
With JOY we have better customer engagement and set more appointments in a day than we used to set in a week.

Bruce Church

VP Sales

The JOYai Team

Co-Founder and Sales Expert: Bruce Lewolt

20-years of experience developing award-winning selling strategies and training. Developed the platform and Certification program for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Co-Founder and Strategist: Kirk Lockhart

Fortune 100 senior strategy and IT roles with successful start-up track record.

CTO: Rob Potschka

Large scale development design and coding for systems for large scale, mission-critical applications.  


Scientific Advisory Board Member: Clint Irvin, PhD

Ohio University, PhD, Social Experimental Psychology

Ohio University, MS, Social Experimental Psychology

Graduate Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Scientific Advisory Board Member: Anthony Polizzi, PhD

Tulane University, PhD, Mathematics

University of Michigan, M.S.E. Electrical Engineering Postdoctoral

Louisiana State University, Postdoctoral Researcher, Air Force Office of Scientific Research



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